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What others have to say

“I have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with Rick on various crime victim-focused opportunities, both during my tenure at the International Association of Chiefs of Police and at the Office for Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center. In these collaborations, Rick has emerged as a dependable, reliable and competent leader, a critical thinker who quickly grasps issues and develops practical, well thought out solutions that make sense. His work ethic, enthusiasm, personal sense of integrity, fairness and duty to always do what is right for the right reasons is readily recognizable in all facets of his work product. He is a valued and trusted source as a subject matter expert in law enforcement victim-related issues and community challenges.”
April 21, 2010
-Suzanne Jordan, Project Director - Office for Victims of Crime Training & Technical Assistance Center, ICF International

“I’ve known John R. “Rick” Brown for almost thirty years and during that time I've worked with him in various capacities as we both rose through the ranks of the Pennsylvania State Police. Throughout that time I have developed a strong admiration for Rick as a law enforcement officer, a manager, and probably most importantly, as a person. Rick has been blessed with a personality that allows him to quickly connect with people and organizations possessing different levels of experience, training, and expertise. People seem to trust him almost instinctively. Whether he's working with an entry level employee, a senior executive, or a working group, Rick will quickly develop an understanding of their needs and identify a strategy for improving their performance and making them successful. Rick's ability to break challenges down to their fundamental parts makes him an outstanding problem solver. He has exceptional judgment and can be counted upon to offer well reasoned, valuable guidance and advice. Finally, Rick possesses unquestionable integrity and leadership ability. I would trust him completely with any endeavor that required honesty, discretion, common sense, and dependability. I would therefore highly recommend John R. “Rick” Brown without hesitation to any person or organization seeking someone with his high level of education, executive experience and expertise.”
March 17, 2010
Barry Titler, Captain, Pennsylvania State Police

“John R. “Rick” is a very professional, personable, and trustworthy individual. In my experience in working with Rick, he was very detail oriented and organized. He was (and still is) very knowledgeable in his field and he was able to provide all that was required to get the job completed successfully, and in fact, did so, way in advance of the set deadlines. I would highly recommend Rick to someone who was seeking the services he provides. Rick is a shiny example of an individual with the highest of personal integrity, ethics and values. I have known Rick for over 25 years and during that time I have never known him to give less than 100% to anything he has ever undertaken.”
February 15, 2010
Thomas Coury, Deputy Commissioner - Lieutenant Colonel, Pennsylvania State Police

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